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Magnetic Ring

Men's Healt Ring     terjemah Indonesia (google translate) - klik

Men’s Health Ring is a magnetic ring product for Man, with functions that help enhancing the metabolism of Man body and increase the quality of sexual intercourse naturally, without using any chemicals and dangerous drugs.
Product Knowledge
The main attention of an adult male is to keep himself from impotency. Especially during his productive years. This product is especially designed for that special purposes. This Health-Giving Ring is a state-of-the-art innovation of Biomagworld scientists, especially presented to our precious customers, every couple longing for an intimate and loving relationship. It is made of high quality, non-allergic and light Titanium grade CP-2, equipped with magnetic therapy and does not contain any dangerous material or other chemical substance, hence makes it safe for anybody to wear.
If this Health-Giving Ring is combined with other Biomagworld therapy bracelet or necklace, it will improve blood circulation around man's genital reproduction organ. As a result, it will enhance fertility and the healthiness of man's reproduction system leading to a healthier and happier family life.
This Biomagworld Health-Giving Ring is the only solution to revitalize the harmony and hapiness of your reationship. This hetic characteristic of the modern life has undoubtedly affected a man's health. Work pressure makes the body exhausted and this has impact on his libido. This RING will strengthen your whole body, your reproduction organ particularly, enable you to resume your sexual powers and help you become the real man once again.

1. Helping men with impotency, now more commonly known as erectile dysfunction (ED), or any other sexual difficulties caused by improper functioning of the blood vessel (because of hypertension or diabetes).
2. Helping physically-weak or emotionally-exhausted men suffering from chronic fatigue, impotency or work-pressure stress, to prolong and sustain their erections.
3. Enhancing human health in general, particularly the abdomen and sex organ areas.
1. Enhance metabolism.
2. Strengthen and improve male sex organ muscles.
3. Increase sperm quality.
4. Increase testosterone level and sperm quantity.
5. Stimulate sexual response and more intense or hard erection.
6. Sustain the firmness and erection level of male genital organ.
7. Prevent or delay premature ejaculation and escalate sexual pleasure.
8. Increase stamina.
9. Prolong the duration of sexual intercourse.
10. Decelerate premature aging.
11. Improving health in general.
* Avoid placing light and durable titanium magnetic rings over magnetically sensitive materials like memory card, watch, audio & video tape, etc.

  Men's Health Ring | Code: BTR92L / BTR92XL / BTR92XXL

Be Better and more Manly Today with Men's Health Ring

Price $210
Specifications :
- Magnet Therapy
- CP Grade 2 Titanium.
- Neodymium Magnets with 1500 - 2000 Gauss.
- Available in L, XL, XXL

1. All prices and values are quoted in Biomagworld Dollar (BMW $)
2. Exchange rate conversion for each currency are as follows:

a. 1 BMW$ = Rp. 10.000 (Indonesian Rupiahs, applied for all purchase or transfer made in Indonesia)

b. 1 BMW$ = US$ 1.11 (United States Dollars, only applied for foreign purchase or transfer from outside of Indonesia)

Exchange rate are subject to change without prior notice.
3. All Prices exclude shipping and handling charges
4. Shipping and handling charges:

a. Within Indonesia     : Rp. 25.000 / pc

b. Others                     : US$ 25 / pc

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